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Manson Fong said

at 12:56 pm on Dec 18, 2011

For question (1), since the bits Calvin overhears are a subset of the bits Bob hears, shouldn't BEC(p') be a channel connecting Bob & Calvin? Currently, BEC(p') is "from Alice to Calvin". Which case shall we consider?

sidjaggi said

at 1:15 pm on Dec 18, 2011

You're right, it does indeed behave like a channel from Bob to Calvin, but as a channel that erases a further p'-p fraction of bits. To make the parameters easier to understand (perhaps at the cost of making the question more confusing), I stated the parameters of the end-to-end channel.

Manson Fong said

at 1:38 pm on Dec 18, 2011


chengfan said

at 11:49 am on Dec 19, 2011

Please do submit your paper on time. Late submission will not be accepted.

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